Clay Play

Play Clay is a dance piece preformed by two dancers on, with, and under a surface of clay.  The dancers experiment with the clay, which acts in several roles throughout the piece. At times, it serves as an object when the dancers test its physicality by carrying, crushing it, or passing chunks between themselves. At other times, it serves as part of the scenery; one dancer sinks her feet in the clay and, using the clay’s weight against her own, almost seems like she is defying gravity. The usage of the clay produces a dance which is elegant, aesthetic, funny and, paradoxically, clean. It invites different interpretations and at varying levels of understanding. Children relate with its playfulness, and adults might recognize more subtle issues like gender and references to greek sculptor.

Concept & Choreography: Efrat Vonsover Avni
Dance: Roni Sagi & Gat Goodovitch 
Music: Maya Guttmann