Hüpfen touches the topic of who we are as humans. Represented by the idea of a soul, it is an attempt to show how we can access a whole spectrum of emotions. As humans, our feelings are the reason that give our existence meaning and depth, and we all have them. It is our way to connect with the other; learning to feel is also learning to understand the other as often meaning and impressions are transferred not by speech but by body language; very strong emotions can be triggered by just a subtle movement.

Hüpfen is a dance performance for a young audience (3+) and for adults, who are not afraid to face a journey through their emotions. It is based on the bestselling children poem “The Soul Bird” by Michal Snunit (1985), which was translated into 23 languages. The poem is using the simple language of childhood to convey a deeper philosophical message. The piece is a collaboration of Lazuz, Dschungel Wien and the Israel embassy of Vienna.

Concept & Choreography: Gat Goodovitch
Dance: Elda Maria Gallo &  Gat Goodovitch & Maria Casares Gonzales
Stage design: Hannes Röbisch
Costume: Ulli Nö
Animation: Luciana Bencivenga
Dramaturgy: Corinne Eckenstein

Trailer – Hüpfen

And how they jump! Above all full of wonderful pleasure in movement. Gallo and Goodovitch make use of ballet and pop culture and everything in between […] It is a refreshing sight to see these movements the joy […] is in the foreground.

Junge Kritik

Fun to watch, listen and participate, it makes you want to jump, no matter how old you are.

European Cultural news

Without words, only with music or gestures in silence, the two dancers convey that it takes little to be happy. In the adorable costumes of Ulli Nö[…] they also inspire parents and grandmothers.